Welcome to the Toronto Section of AACE International, the Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering through Total Cost Management. Our Association is the most recognized and respected association for hands-on project management and cost professionals in different industries. Close to 50 years in existence, the association library, references and publications are the most referred to and respected among project and cost management professionals. Certification is gaining more popularity among many large firms and institutions. Becoming certified is a personal as well as a recognized and respected achievement with many benefits for the long term. We are prepared to host a certification exam for interested candidates. AACE International is always encouraging continuing education and promoting itself through universities.

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Why Join AACE?

Join AACE International and gain access to a wealth of resources that will save you time and money! You’ll stay informed about the complexities of the cost and management profession -- plus you’ll have access to discounts on educational programs, publications, insurance and more!

Locate thousands of technical papers and publications in the Virtual Library. AACE's database is keyword searchable for quickly locating appropriate reference articles. Check out AACE's Career Center where members can post resumes at no additional cost and keep your career on track through information sources such as our annual Salary and Demographic Survey of Project and Cost Professionals. 

What is Cost Engineering?

In your career, you have probably asked or been asked, “What is cost engineering? What does a cost engineer do? What is total cost management (TCM)?”, and so on.

AACE International's Recommended Practice 11R-88, Required Skills and Knowledge of Cost Engineering, provides some answers which are excerpted here. Beyond being a guiding document for AACE International’s education and certification developments, 11R-88 is an excellent reference for industry core competency and career model development.
















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