AACE International is dedicated to advancing the study of cost engineering and cost management through the integrative process of Total Cost Management as outlined in AACE’s TCM Framework document. To promote this objective, AACE awards academic scholarships to full-time students pursuing a related degree in engineering, construction management, building construction, computer sciences, business, quantity surveying, information technology, etc. The cost engineering profession uses the process of Total Cost Management to identify and define those areas of business in which the discipline of cost engineering and cost management principles may be applied to plan and control resources, assets, costs, profitability, and risk. The major elements of the cost engineering discipline include estimating, project/product controls, planning and scheduling, business sciences, and project/product management. Although applicants may be citizens of any country, they must be enrolled in a college or university in the US or Canada. Click on the right picture to find out more information. 




 AACE International has one of the strongest scholarship programs of any professional association.  Over $50,000 is awarded to students each year.

Values ranging from $750 to $8,000 including specific awards based on overall scholarship and college accomplishments. Click on the right picture to find out more information. 

Conditions and Eligibility:

Student must be currently-enrolled, in a full time undergraduate (second year standing or higher) and graduate college students who will be enrolled in the next academic year (full time)*Student must be enrolled in a program related to total cost management (Engineering, Construction management, Project Management, Quantity surveying,….etc.)*

The scholarships are limited to the students who enrolled in accredited colleges and universities in Canada or the United States. .

Competitive Scholarship recipients are selected by the AACEI Education Board from candidates recommended by AACEI sections, based on a formal competitive procedure.

Toronto Section Scholarships program:

Throughout the years, our Toronto section was and in fact still active in awarding scholarships to college and universities students.  It is part of our message of promoting continuing education and encouraging the advancement of cost engineering and project management.

Toronto Section will continue to support the AACE certification and scholarship programs and relies on volunteer members to assist arrangements for these essential programs.

Students who are interested in competing for our scholarships should contact the AACE Toronto section for further details.