About AACE

Founded in 1956 as the American Association of Cost Engineers to advance the science and art of cost engineering, AACE International (The Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering) is an international non-profit association. AACE represents cost engineers, cost estimators, project managers, planners, schedulers and other cost professionals engaged in all facets of total cost management.

AACE Canada was formed in 1985 to advance those same objectives and serve these same professionals in Canada. Together, AACE and AACE Canada have over 6,000 members.

AACE provides a forum for the exchange of ideas about problems and advances in cost engineering in all types of industries. Through publications and meetings (local, national and international) AACE and AACE Canada keep their members and the public informed about important cost engineering issues.

AACE Toronto

The Toronto Section of AACE Canada (founded 1975) has more than 150 members from a wide range of companies in the Greater Toronto area. Our members are involved in a broad range of disciplines, including estimating, cost control, planning, scheduling, claims management, project management and management sciences. Toronto Section is making strides in engaging membership and company support for the growth of our section. 

We are  trying to continuously improve and make sure that the location and topic of each technical seminar suits as many members as possible! Please clink on the link below to fill out the survey in order to optimize and satisfy the location and topic of the seminar for the majority of the members.

Association Objectives

To promote through education and scientific means the science of cost engineering for the public good.

To advance the science and art of cost engineering.

To provide forums and media through which the principles and techniques of cost engineering may be reported, discussed and published.

To promote standardization of terminology in cost engineering and develop standard methods.

To encourage the inclusion of cost engineering instruction in engineering curricula.

To cooperate with other organizations having common or related objectives. .

Technical Seminars

Toronto Section holds monthly Technical Meetings during the last week of each month from September to May. Also, seminars are held to improve the professional skills of our members. If you have any suggestions or wish to assist in any aspect of meeting or seminar arrangements, please contact our Section 

Student Scholarship

Each year, Toronto Section sponsors the following three scholarships:

1. James Todd Memorial Scholarship at the University of Toronto,

2. AACE Toronto Section Scholarship at Ryerson University and

3. AACE Toronto Section Scholarship at George Brown College.

Each scholarship recipient is recommended by the respective education institution and awarded $1,000.

Certification Program

AACE Certification is offered to qualified applicants who successfully achieve certain examination and technical paper requirements and who have accumulated experience credits in a cost engineering field such as Cost Estimating, Cost Control, Business Planning or Management Sciences. The objectives of the certification program are:

To raise the professional standards and improve the practice of Cost Engineering.

To identify for employers, clients and the public, persons with broad knowledge of and capability to professionally apply the principles of Cost Engineering.

To establish a continuing program whose goal is the improvement of individual Cost Engineering skills and professional development.

To clarify the body of knowledge and standards of conduct of the practice of Cost Engineering. .

Become certified! Certification is becoming the rule, not the exception, for most professionals including teachers, health-care professionals, engineers, etc. Stop and think of all the people you deal with who must be certified to conduct their business.