March 17, 2019 - Presenting an Estimate to Your Client, by Ernesto Llorens

Presenting a cost estimate is often assumed as a technical endeavor packed with tables and numbers. The process followed to prepare for the presentation should go far beyond the numbers but it tends to be overlooked.
This workshop will debunk commonly accepted myths and provide you with simple and practical tips that will help you design and deliver a successful presentation of the project cost estimate. It will cover the whole process, from selecting the presenter, through all the required preparation stages until the delivery of final presentation. 

February 21, 2019 - Business Case for Enterprise Projects Performance Software, by Kim Allan

High predictability, being as accurate as possible as early as possible, has historically been difficult and particularly in Engineering & Construction projects. Project complexity, limited visibility into Today’s world-class organizations have all implemented Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. They wouldn’t dream of trusting their financials, analytics and reporting to the uncontrolled, unstandardized world of Excel and point solutions. And yet, this is precisely what many of them do when it comes to projects – the engines of their strategic and financial growth.

The Enterprise Projects Performance (EPP) system is the counterpart to the ERP system. With a mission to maximize returns (for project owners) or margins (for contractors), EPPs provide visibility across an organization’s full projects lifecycle, aligns strategy with project execution, and drives better decision making for all project stakeholders. So why don’t executives seem to care about the EPP platform.